Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Landscape Series

Good evening everyone!  Ive been having a very busy couple of weeks and Ive been able to finish off these two paintings!  I still have not got any titles for them, but I will get to that soon though! They are both acrylic on canvas.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my artwork, please email me on  Or you can check out my website for all my artwork I have for sale!

 Above:  24 x 36 inches. Untitled.

Above: 30 x 30 inch. Untitled.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

New mixed media girls!

Good morning everyone - here are a couple of new mixed media artworks that I have created in the last couple of weeks!  I have made a few of these types of mixed media girls before, but Ive mainly done them with their eyes closed!  After learning some new techniques for drawing and painting faces, I think they turned out pretty ok! (If I do say so myself!).  I hope you enjoy them too.  If you would like to purchase any of my artwork, it is now all for sale on my website

Below:  "Sisters" - 16 x 20 inches 
Mixed media on canvas
Acrylic paint, pastels, ink, pastel pencils, paper, impasto paste, paper, beads, glitter, cotton, timber shapes. 

 Below:  Mock up of canvas in situ

Below:  "Serena"...14 x 18 inches 
Mixed media on canvas
Acrylic paint, pastels, ink, pastel pencils, paper, impasto paste, paper,  glitter, cotton, timber shapes. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Unicorns seemed to be the flavour of the month in my little world!!  Ive sold heaps of them from my watercolour print range and also my jewellery range.  I guess that is what inspired me to make something else in the same subject!!  I decided to make my own papers using acrylic paints, watercolours and inks.  Lots of cutting and pasting and a few metallic glitter papers in the mix as well.  I think I will also sell them as prints, but the scanned image doesn't do it the same justice as what the original one does!  You can't really see the 3d elements of the paper cut up or the metallic and glitter finishes on some of the papers as shown in the last picture.  Please email me for any enquiries and purchases!

Above:  Scanned copy

Above:  Original on paper

Above: side profile to show metallic finishes and also paper 3d.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mixed Media Original Art on Earring Studs....

Earring Studs...
I now have a jewellery line and these include my 12mm earring studs with prints of my Original Mixed Media Artwork on them!  They all have stainless steel earring backs on them also.  They are $12.00 each ($4 postage for 1 pair, and 2 or more pairs are $8 postage - Australia wide.  Please message for international postage costs).  You can email your order to me on   I take direct debit for Australia wide customers and Paypal for international buyers.

Here is the list for the Mixed Media Designs.

These earrings are taken from this mixed media piece "Life Unfolding" shown below.

Below is the mixed media piece "Devotion" which the earrings above are made from.

This piece below "Midnight Flight" is created into the earrings shown above.

The earrings above were created from this piece below.

This mixed media art below has been made into these earrings above.

These earrings above were created from this mixed media girl below.

These earrings above were created from this mixed media girl below.

These earrings above are made from this large mixed media piece below.

The earrings above were created from this bright, vibrant floral abstract below.

Earrings above are created from this vibrant ocean floral scene below.

'Heaven on Earth' (pictured below) was created into these earrings above.

The earrings above are made from this sweet painting below.

Earrings above are created from this mixed media piece below.

Texture, texture, texture!!

 Good morning everyone!  Here is a colourful, abstract piece that I had started some time ago, and finally, finally completed!!  I just love the colour in this one and I had such fun with the process of making it!  Ive just acrylic paint as well as metallic gold paint and lots of stencils....some of which were in the layers of this one.  It measures 75 x 60 x 1.5cm and would certainly brighten up any wall in your home or office!!  If you are interested in purchasing, please message me for further information :)

Below you can see more clearly the metallic gold of the dandelions...
Below is a photo depicting the texture of the painting as well as the metallic gold...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Open Studio 30th October 2016

I will be having an open studio on Sunday 30th October as part of the Queanbeyan Art Trail 2016.  Come along and see and or purchase some of my artworks, cards, prints and jewellery that I will have available!! I'll be open 10:00am - 4:00pm.

New....Indian head dress....

I started this mixed media piece by putting the first layers down on the background (actually there were several layers).  I had the idea of an indian head dress floating around my mind for quite awhile, so I did a sketch first to get it clearer in my mind.  I then just 'went' with the colours of pink, red, oranges and aqua for the feathers....nothing was really planned, I just plodded along.  At one point I was really not 'feeling' it, and wanted to just paint over it!  However, I perservered and here is the finished product!  I ended up making its matching 'pair' that can be hung together or solo.  They are both created with acrylic paints, paper, beads, stencils and ink.

Above: Here they are together....